Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kim Jae Won Latest Photo

Kim Jae Won Latest Photo, May 25,2012

Kim Jae Won was captured in camera wearing dark shades, and gray shirt. He look absolutely hot and handsome... :)

Friday, May 25, 2012



* English *
Q1. Is this the official fanclub site of Jaewon?
A1. Yes, this is the official fanclub of Jaewon Kim.
It's called 'Cho Ji Il Kwan' meaning '
going through with one's original intention to the end.'
e also run the official Jaewon’s Hompage site that you can visit @
Q2. Is Jaewon joined here?
A2. Yes, he’s joined and you can check his messages on the board [From Jaewon].
Q3. How can I be a member of the official fanclub? Does my age matter?
A3. We chiefly invite new members, and your age doesn’t matter.
However, the age under 14 needs permission from his or her parents.
Those who paid membership fee and become our official fanclub member,
would be upgraded to VIP here in this café.
This grade will be kept for about 1 year, and the next entry would be in next March~April.
Q4. What’s 'fanclub inauguration ceremony'? Is it different from ‘fan meeting’? Is it free?
A4. The fanclub inauguration ceremony is for introducing the new membership established,
and only the VIPs of the fanclub(those who paid the membership fee) can participate for free.
The fan meeting is often required some fees, and mostly non-VIPs are allowed to prticipate.
Q5. How much is the membership fee? Where do you use those fees on?
A5. It was 20,000wons till now, and we are not deside the next year's membership fee yet.
The fees are used for the fanclub limited items, the venue rental fee and so on.
The staffs will announce the accounting records at the expiration of the term.
Q6. The people who didn’t join the official fanclub can also participate in autograph sessions?
A6. As long as it's not held by the fanclub, non-VIPs can participate.
Q7. How can I receive the fanclub goods? Is it free?
A7. The goods are given only to VIPs for free.
The VIPs would need to show their identification card to the staffs and recieve the goods at
the inauguration ceremony.
Those who don't participate in the ceremony can recieve the goods via mail,
and the shipping fee would
be cahrged to you if you live outside Korea.
Also if you don't want the goods, we don't send them to you. Just let us know when we announce
you to ask for whether you attend at the ceremony.
Q8. What’s the ‘Support’ exactly meen? How does it used?
A8. The support means fund-rasing to support Jaewon by holding events and giving gifts and so on.
The staffs will print out the messages the supporters left and give them to Jaewon to read.
Q9. How can I send the letters and gifts to Jaewon?
A9. (zip code: 463-718) Cheongsol village Sungwon APT 703-2102,
Geumgokdong 143 Bundang Sungnam Gyunggido, South Korea.

Q10. Could I meet Jaewon if I visit the fan letter address?
A10. That adress if for Jaewon's parents, and Jaewon doesn't live there. Please do not visit there
for keeping their privacy.
Q11. Are you sure Jaewon gets all the letters and gifts that we send to the ‘fan letter address’?
A11. Yes, Jaewon's parents will keep your gifts & letters and hand them to Jaewon safely.
Q12. What’s the ID of Jaewon’s Twitter, Facebook and so on?
A12. Jaewon doesn't have any SNS IDs. You can see his messages at [From Jaewon] board of the fan cafe.
Q13. I want the schedule of Jaewon!
A13. We are sorry we can't open the schedule of Jaewon as it could cause the interruption.
But we will announce the broadcasting schedule as soon as we recieve the news.
You can also write the news on the [News] board when you know it earlier than the staffs.