Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"May Queen" Script Reading Video and Photos

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Set in the local setting of Ulsan, this drama is a story of human triumph and success that the heroine Hae-ju achieves. Starting a life in utter poverty will make life depressing and leave a person with a lifetime disadvantage in some cases. Overcoming these obstacles, Hae-ju ultimately finds success. Burdened with the secret past of her parents, Hae-ju navigates treacherous waters to reach her goal.

Cheon Hae-ju (Actress: Han Ji-hye)
She possesses natural confidence along with a sunny disposition. With an infectious curiosity, she has an enormous positive outlook on life. Her father was a sailor so she also became interested in boats, which led her to learn how to fix them. But the accidental death of her father when she was a sixth grader revealed a secret about her past. She is unable to leave her family because of the sense of duty she feels towards her late father. As she turns into a young adult, she gets involved in offshore oil drilling and finds out that her real biological father committed his life to oil exploration...
Gang-san (Actor: Kim Jae-won)
He is a friend of Chang-hee and the grandson of the founder of Haepoong Group. Growing up with a silver spoon in his mouth, he was always cheerful and full of energy. He has a photographic memory that serves him well in the interests he pursues. He had a crush on Hae-ju just like his friend Chang-hee. After spending 15 years abroad, he returns to South Korea and is reunited with Hae-ju, and the old feelings he had for her return once again. Hae-ju’s charm and bubbly personality gradually melts Gang-san’s heart.

Park Chang-hee (Actor: Jae-hee)
He was Hae-ju’s first boyfriend. Chang-hee is a perfectionist who keeps his guard up all the time. He is preternaturally smart but also a workaholic. Many people mistake him as the son of Cheonji Group’s chairman when, in fact, he is the son of the chairman’s butler. He chooses the daughter of the Cheonji chairman over Hae-ju as his wife in order to become rich and end his parent’s miserable life. This leads to him being on the opposite side in the rivalry between Cheonji Group and Haepoong Group where Hae-ju and Gang-san work alongside each other...

Credit: MBC Global Media