Friday, August 14, 2015

Good News: Kim Jae Won Open Instagram Account for Fans

Finally, Kim Jae Won oppa is now getting closer to us (his loyal fans). I'm so happy about it but a bit disappointed because i got it too late, it's been few days since his first update and i just found out today. But i guess , just like the saying goes "It's better late than never." ☺
So guys, check his instagram account and tell him how much we love him. I know you've been waiting for this for a long time.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Kim Jaewon with Love for his Fans

I've been away on this blog for few months and missed a lot of  updates about our beloved Jaewon oppa so i choose random topics to start with. 

One of the best thing about him is his closeness to his fans. This wonderful actor shows his love and appreciation in any way he can , in every chance he have during fans meeting.
The photo below showing Jaewon personally doing the flower arrangement for bouquets that will be given to his fans during the fan meeting activity. Just imagine how special it is to receive something that personally made by him. ^_^

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During the fans meeting, there are several activities which he could interact with his fans closely, just like the one riding in a bicycle below with a lucky fan at back. 
Exclusive fans meeting activity are regularly held in Japan . One of my Japanese friend told me that Jaewon oppa was known to them as "Ajumma's Baby" i don't know why  but maybe because  a lot of the members are middle age and they love Jaewon not only as an actor but also because he is  there ideal type of man to become son-in-law , (Just a thought , please don't take it seriously). ^_^

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The photos above are taken during the fans meeting in Japan last  March 2015 .

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[Photo] Kim Jaewon Outdoor Pictorial for Instyle

Kim Jae Won showed his heartthrob charms in the July issue of InStyle. The actor modeled apparel and accessories by Prada, Bottega Veneta and Etro, to name a few brands, while posing in a garden under the natural sunlight.

[Hwajung Ep.32] Kim Jaewon VS. Lee Yeon-hee

Kim Jae-won gave Lee Yeon-hee a chilling warning.

In the 32th episode of MBC's Monday-Tuesday drama "Splendid Politics" which aired on the 28th, King Injo (Kim Jae-won) was shown to give Princess Jeongmyeong (Lee Yeon-hee) a warning.

In the episode, King Injo was angry and said, "I will kill the princess one day" because she had his servant Jo Yeo-jeong (Kim Min-seo) beaten, the one who he has an affection for.

He snarled at her saying, "You're looking busy. Where are you going? Are you running around trying to outshine me, the king, today again?" The Princess responded, "You are mistaken!"

The King said, "Shut up! How long do you think you would get away with disrespecting me? Do you think I'll just let you do that? I didn't become King to be treated like this. I didn't become king to see someone below me to talk down to me".

He then walked up very close to the princess and said, "Do you know what power is? It is making people shut their mouths in front of me! I'll show you true power. I'll make you unable to say a word in front of me except to plead 'spare me' or 'I'm sorry'".

Source: Hancinema