Wednesday, July 4, 2012

May Queen 메이퀸 Korean Drama 2012

"May Queen" which is to be aired in August, is about a woman named Chun Hae Ju played by Han Ji Hye who overcomes hardships and succeeds as an ocean specialist based in Ulsan'  and eventually realizes her dream. 
Main Cast: Han Ji Hye, Kim Jae Won, Jae Hee. Kim Yoo-jeong and Park Ji-bin's grown up role will be taken over by Han Ji-hye and Kim Jae-won.

Child Cast:

 Kim Yoo-jeong (김유정)Park Ji-bin (박지빈)Park Geon-tae (박건태)Seo Yeong-joo-I(서영주)

Kim Dong-hyeon-IV(김동현)Hyeon Seung-min(현승민)

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