Thursday, July 19, 2012

May Queen Official Poster Photo Shoot

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May Queen Official Poster  featuring Han Ji Hye, Kim Jae Won, and Jae Hee

This was the second time the leads met since the script reading. After greeting each other with smiles, they went straight into the shooting. Han Ji Hye was seen checking the photos after the shoot carefully, showing professionalism.
Furthermore, Kim Jae Won and Jae Hee have worked together in 2001’s Wuri’s Family, and were in the army at around the same time, allowing them to show us their extraordinary friendship. Kim Jae Won expressed: “It is really nice to be able to work with Jae Hee again. Working with artistes that you are familiar with, looking after each other while filming, will allow the filming to be more effective for us.” Showing the great atmosphere at the shooting grounds.
May Queen will be revolving around the sufferings of the life of a career woman, as she grows through the process of realizing her dreams, which will be filmed by the director of Flames of Ambition and Assorted Gems, PD Baek Ho Min, and written by Son Young Mok(Empress CheonChu) and Kim Nam Gyeong(Ground Zero). The drama has received a lot of anticipation,
The drama is currently being filmed in Ulsan area, with Han Ji Hye, Kim Jae Won, Jae Hee, Lee Deok Hwa, Yang Mi Kyung, and the child cast comprising of Kim Yoo Jung, Park Ji Bin, Park Gun Tae. The drama will premiere in August, following Doctor Jin.
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 After a long hiatus due to his motorcycle injury, actor Kim Jae Won is confirmed to return to the small screen through MBC's upcoming drama "May Queen".
As reported on Dramabeans website, Kim will be playing the lead role, Kang-san alongside actress Han Ji-hye.
Kang-san is the Korean stereotypical self-centred rich man character with a photographic memory. However, his perspectives on life and love changes when he meets Han Ji-hye's character.
"May Queen" follows the success stories of those involved in the maritime industry and will be aired on MBC as soon as "Time Slip Dr. Jin" concludes in August.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kim Jae Won brings a sign language interpreter for his hearing-impaired fans

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Some pictures of actor Kim Jae Won’s fan meeting in Japan were recently released.
On July 14, Kim Jae Won held a fan meeting at Yokohama Bridge in Japan. The place completely packed with Kim’s Japanese fans proved the high popularity of Kim in Japan.
At the fan meeting, Kim Jae Won brought an interpreter for some of his special fans. It was a sign language interpreter for his hearing-impaired fans. He played the role of Cha Dong Joo, a young business man who overcomes his hearing impairment in MBC TV’s drama series Can You Hear My Heart, which aired in 2011, and received favorable reviews from many viewers for his acting.
Kim prepared this fan meeting in Japan by himself and wished to interact with his fans. Maybe because of his such a wish, he was very considerate of his fans throughout the meeting.
Besides, Kim prepared a mini-concert, a game, and some presents to appreciate his fans. He was also praised by the Japanese fans by directly giving the presents to the fans who won the game or who were selected by lot.
Kim will play Kang San in MBC TV’s new drama series May Queen, which will start airing in August.

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Kim Jae Won's Fan Meeting Ends in Success

Actor Kim Jae Won had a fan meeting on the 14th at the Yokohama Bridge where the seats were filled with eager fans to see him.
A meaningful translator was prepared for this days fan meeting. A sign language translator was prepared for the stage.
Kim Jae Won appeared as a businessman named Cha Dong-joo who overcame deafness in the MBC drama "Can You Hear my Heart?"
This fan meeting showed how considerate Kim is. He planned this fan meeting himself and hoped everyone came together as one.
Kim prepared a mini concert and games with presents prepared by himself and so on. He went down to the audience to deliver the presents to those who were chosen for it.
Kim Jae Won has been cast for the drama "May Queen".
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김재원, 일본팬미팅 수화통역 등장 '배려의 아이콘'

[TV리포트 이지현 기자] 배우 김재원의 일본 팬미팅 현장 사진이 공개됐다.
김재원은 지난 13일 요코하마브릿지에서 일본 팬미팅을 가진 가운데 이날 현장은 일본 팬들로 만석을 이뤄 그의 일본 내 높은 인기를 보여줬다.
팬미팅에는 특별한 팬들을 위해 의미 있는 통역이 준비됐다. 바로 청각장애인들을 위한 수화통역이 등장한 것. 그는 지난 2011년 MBC TV '내 마음이 들리니'에서 청각장애를 극복한 청년 사업가 차동주로 열연, 시청자들로부터 명품 연기라는 찬사를 받은 바 있다.
일본 팬미팅을 직접 기획, 팬들과 하나 되는 시간이 되기를 희망한 그의 이러한 모습은 따뜻한 배려가 돋보였다. 

이밖에도 미니콘서트와 게임, 직접 선물을 준비하는 등 섬세한 배려가 곳곳에 묻어났으며, 그는 게임에 이긴 팬들과 추첨을 통해 선물을 받게 된 팬들을 위해 객석까지 내려가 직접 선물을 전달해 일본 팬들의 찬사를 받기도 했다.
한편, 김재원은 오는 8월 방송예정인 MBC TV 주말드라마 '메이퀸'에서 남자주인공 강산 역으로 출연, 안방극장 복귀를 앞두고 있다.
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