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[News] Kim Jae Won and other celebreties to become a family in new MBC Show

Broadcaster MBC will introduce a new entertainment program, tentatively named "Four Sons One Daughter", starting next month. 

The family-oriented program will have four male celebrities and one female star make up a family who will live with fake parents in the countryside. 

The broadcaster has already confirmed the siblings for the show, including comedian Kim Goo-ra, singer Kim Min-jong, former basketball player Suh Jang-hoon and actor Kim Jae-won.

 The only female member will be actress Lee Honey, winner of the 2006 Miss Korea pageant. 

"We are excited to see what type of synergy effect these members will show in the program", said the broadcaster. 
"It will be a new and unique type of family-based reality show".

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Kim Jae Won Joins MBC New Variety Show

Kim Jae-won to Tie the Knot in June 28

Korean actor Kim Jae-won will appear as the regular members of MBC’s upcoming variety show.

Kim, actor Kim Min-jong, comedian Kim Gu-ra and former basketball player Seo Jang-hoon have been cast in MBC’s real variety show “Four Sons and One Daughter” (translated title), set to hit air early next year.

The virtual family experience show will center on the four celebrity brothers and one guest female star becoming a family and living with parents at the rural town, showing the real meaning of a family.

The first female guest is actress Lee Honey of KBS’s melodrama series “Don’t Look Back,” who has also admitted a relationship with actor Yoon Kye-sang of MBC’s romcom “The Greatest Love.”

“As we’re receiving high expectations with the refreshing combination of stars, we’re going to show differentiated family variety show,” said an official with the producing crew, led by producer Kang Young-sun who helmed MBC’s long-running talk show “The Guru Show.” 

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[News] Kim Gura, Kim Jae Won, Kim Min Jong and Seo Jang Hoon to host on new MBC Entertainment Program

MC and comedian Kim Gura , actor Kim Min Jong , Kim Jae Won and basketball player Seo Jang Hoon will be hosting a new MBC variety show program to be broadcast starting early  next year. 

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According to officials , this program aims on helping elderly people living alone. The first episode will be broadcast early January with Honey Lee as first guest performer along with the 4 male host.

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Meanwhile , the program's title still undecided. 
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[Photo] Kim Jae Won at MIDO Brand Exhibition

MIDO Exhibition held at Horim Art Center in Seoul on November 26,2013 featuring Men luxury watches.

Source: Naver

Monday, December 2, 2013

[Photo] More Kim JaeWon Images from MIDO Exhibition

Kim Jae Won was fitting watches from MIDO latest collection of watches.

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[Photo] Kim Jae Won at Social Welfare Society Event

This photo was posted on twitter today, 

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[Video] Kim Jae Won "Scandal NG"

Latest News, Photos, Drama, Movies, everything about Kim Jae Won achievements..

[Drama] Scandal Happy Ending

It took me a while to post about this series because it's just so hard to let go. 
Finally Woo Ah Mi accepted Ha Eun Joong love without reservation. After so much up and down on their relationship , they manage to overcome all obstacles and stay together. ^0^ I was waiting for them to have a sweet kissing scene but it never happen , even so , I still feel happy they end up together.

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[Photo] Kim Jae Won 'Killer Smile'

This photo was posted by a fan on his blog on November 30. Most recent photo of Kim Jae Won in public. His looking good and happy. Splashing his killer smile is just captivating as always. ^0^

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[Video] Kim Jae Won Appointed as DEMA Ambassador 2011

Kim Jae Won was appointed as Ambassador for  DEMA (Defence Media Agency) in 2011.