Friday, June 7, 2013

[From Kim Jae Won] Message Translated in English/Japanese


It has been a while since writing to you from my heart,what I am thinking and feeling.

Wanting for me to become one of the leading actors,who continuously receive love from everyone,I am sorry for not being able to write to you more often, or to meet you through great dramas more often.

I am writing to you today about two very important events in my life since we entered 2013.I wanted to share with you happy and exciting news about Junealong with something more personal!

As you may all have heard, I am very excited and thrilledto be able to meet you all again through my next drama "Scandal".

Yumi Bae, the writer of the drama 'Romance' that changed my life 11 years ago, and I will be working together once again to bring to you 'Scandal".I also have been feeling as though I have returned to that time,spending each and every day full of joy!

Not only this, the director Jin Man Kim shows all of ushis skills in great picture making,reflecting the utmost professionalism to creating the best characters and plot.He has been making the set a great place to be!

I am eager to see what the future awaitsas I work with the best actors and actresses!

I hope that this drama will be able to a small gift to youas an apology for not always being able to show you the best results in all of my works.

In addition to this news, I wanted to share with you thatI will become a prosperous actor!

Many of you have been curious as to my personal life.Especially my love life. I have been answering your many questionswith answers that does not truly answer anything.

Even though I can imagine your shocked faces,I wanted to be the first to share with you some news!

First let me tell you I am sorry you are finding out in such a hurry.This coming 6/28/2013, Friday,I will be holding my wedding with my life's friend and partner.

It is scheduled to be held at Raum.The time is not officially set yet but it seems it will be in the evening.

It has occurred to me that maybe it is a little too soon,isn't it happening to quickly?

However, please understand that I,thinking of my future career life,my family and safe haven, were the most important factors in my decision.Also, I wanted to start a new chapter of my life with the happiness and blessings from you.

I apologize that I have brought you such news right before the start of my new drama, and I will work hard to bring you happiness in all that I do as a great actor!

If you show me your blessing in my new start,it will be the best gift that I cannot change with anything else.

Marriage is done by the common person Jae Won,while acting is done by the actor Jae Won.Please continue to look out for me!

I love you..

Jae Won Kim

Credit to Original Source: Kim Jae Won Official Fan Cafe

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kim Jae Won Wedding Announcement TV News Coverage

Actor Kim Jae-won has announced his wedding plans on a blog run by his fans. He will exchange vows with his childhood sweetheart later this month.

"I'm getting married to a woman who will be my best friend and partner forever, and we will have a simple ceremony at a church on June 28", he wrote.

The two have known each other since they were young, having lived in the same neighborhood, but they only started dating last year.

"The bride-to-be is an office worker who is the same age as Kim. She is two months pregnant", Kim's agency said.
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[M] Kim Jae Won Will Become a Father Soon! in English subtitles.


Actor Kim Jae won announced that he has decided to get married to his girlfriend of eight months.

Actor Kim Jae won is getting married. Kim posted a long writing on his fan club’s website and announced that he is getting married to his girlfriend. They have known each other since they were young and began dating since last October. 

His girlfriend is known to be an ordinary office worker and she is same age as Kim Jae won. The family of two met together and promised to get married on June 28th. They will live in Kim’s current house in city of Bundang near Seoul and since the bride-to-be is an ordinary person, he will not say more about her to protect privacy.

In addition, it is known that his girlfriend is currently pregnant for two months. The couple will postpone the honeymoon and Kim will focus on shooting series for now. (photo by bntnews DB) 

Monday, June 3, 2013

[News] Kim Jae-won's first shooting of "Scandal"

Kim Jae-won took his first take of the new MBC drama "Scandal".

A still cut of Kim showed him at Paju on the 30th of May and he looks determined about this drama.
Kim Jae-won's agency claimed, "Kim Jae-won shot falling scenes without a stand-in and was the strong detective that he is. He is very into the role of Ha Eun-joong".
"Scandal" is about a man who discovers that his father is actually a kidnapper who kidnapped him from the man who caused the destruction of the building he lost his own son in.

To be aired for the first time at the end of June after "A Hundred Year's Inheritance".
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Credit: Hancinema