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Japan Hallyu Star Magazine Featuring Kim Jae Won

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Kim Jae Won was featured on Japan Hallyu Star Magazine September Issue
here are some photos of one of the most handsome and best actor of South Korea 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kim Jae Won Returns to the Small Screen [Showbiz Korea]

Latest News, Photos, Drama, Movies, everything about Kim Jae Won achievements..

Kim Jae Won Returns to the Small Screen 

Actor Kim Jae-won who's famous as a romantic with a killer smile has finally returned to the small screen after a 1-year hiatus. He took a break from acting due to a shoulder injury he suffered during the filming of his last drama. So everyone's excited to see his face again! Let's go meet the heartthrob right this minute. 

그동안 로맨티스트로, 또 웃는 모습으로 살인미소라는 애칭을 얻을정도로 여심을 독차지한 배우 김재원이 1년여 만에 다시 우리곁에 돌아왔는데요, 지난해 촬영중 어깨부상으로 공백기를 가져 더욱 그리웠던 그의 모습을 지금 바로 만나보시죠~!

Kim Jae Won who is known for his killer smile return to the small screen.
Kim Jae Won has captivated countless female fans with his killer smile.
Hello viewers of showbiz Korea.  I am Kim Jae Won

The Press Conference of the drama " May Queen"
He made his much anticipated come back to the small screen

Question:  Difference from your previous characters...

Answer:  I mainly played characters who were kind innocent and slighly introverted.
In this drama, I play Kang San and you can tell that he is strong, macho type from his name.
He is a genius with photographic memry.
He is self-centered and inconsiderate of others, but on the other hand, he is a manly character who is willing to make sacrifices for the people he loves.  
A story of young adults, set in a shipyard.
He will play the role of Kang San, who manager a shipbuilding company.

Question: Did you prepared anything special for your new role?

Answer: My character, Kang San is a genius, but i am not a genius myself.  In order to bring my character to life, I thought of ways to portray him better.  I am trying to boost my brain power so i 've been eating foods that are beneficial for the brain. I've also been buying books related to improving one's brain capacity and studying genius.

Kim Jae Won turned more masculine after serving in the military.
He reached the second peak in his career through "Can You Hear  My Heart"

Question: How have things changed since your debut?

Answer: I am more generous and tolerant and relaxed now. 
I was to preoccupied when I first debuted, so I didn't have time to look at my surroundings and so scared at the attention I was receiving.  I didn't understand why I was receiving so much attention, and wasn't mature enough to handle the situation.  People say we are put through the pain and hardships that the heaven kwons we can endure.  I 've had many experiences in life that helped me grow as an actor.  So now that I'm in my 30s, when I read the scripts, I feel more relaxed and can handle things better than when I was in my 20s.

Kim Jae Won debuted through the drama "Honey Honey"
He gained fame for his killer Smile shown in the 2002 drama " Romance"

Question:  What was your most memorable production?

Answer: I played the lead role for the first time in "Romance"
I was under immense pressure as the lead actor.
I thought, how should I do this? I don't know anything, but the director, scene writer and staff treated me well which made me feel more at ease.
They said, " You 're the main actor, so do as you wish.  If you want to change something we will change it for you."
Everytime I arrived on the set, they'd say " Our hero is here" 
They treated me very well and worked very hard which made me want to put in more effort to repay them and line up to their expectations.
Even when I was tired, I enjoyed being on the set and the filming set was always filled with laughter.
"Romance: left a strong impression on me from the start and I tried to work hard from the begining to the end.
The Sweetest Actor Kim Jae Won top on the Korea Wave
His tremendous popularity in Japan was seen at the fan meeting in July
He is a Korean wave star receiving a lot of love overseas.

Question: How do you feel when you met your overseas fans?

Answer:  It's been almost 10 years since I started having fan meetings in China and Japan.  I was the first actor to film a drama with a Japanese actress, and to film a joint drama with China.  I began my overseas activities at the start of the Korea Wave, so I have developed close ties with my overseas fans. like family.
I come about my fans as if they are my own family.  So wherever I hold fan meetings I feel as though I am  spending time with my friends and family members.
 They don't seem like fan meetings.
I feel as though I spent quality time with the people I love and created happy memories with them.

His great love for his fans is well known
He is even nicknamed the " fool for fans"

Question: How do you want to be remembered by your fans?

Answer:  In my opinion, i seem line a guy next-door but people disagree with me.
I am glad that people have a postime image of me, I've been an actor for some 10 years, and I 'll continue acting for 30 to 40 years from now....
So I want to project an approachable, friendly image 

Everyone's looking forward to Kim Jae Won 's acting transformation
We'll continue to root for Kim Jae Won as he soars to the top

Showbiz Korea viewers,
Please checkout the drama" May Queen"
It's probably the first Korean drama to be set in a shipyard.  It has the elements of a good drama and you will get to see my acting transformation.  Also, it boasts a fantastic cast including Han Ji Hye, Jae Hae and Son Eun Seo.
I hope you show your love for " May Queen" and show interest in my actitvities. Thank you.
Source: Soompi

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[Photo] Kim Jae Won May Queen Stills (08-22-2012)

"May Queen Photo Stills"

 'May Queen' is a story about a woman named Chun Hae Joo, played by actress Han Ji Hye, who overcomes hardship and unfortunate events and eventually realizes her dream.

Kim Jae Won will play the role as Kang San , the heir of a shipyard company. His parents tragically have passed away.

Once a carefree person, his personality changes after he found out the reason behind his parents' death.

Born genius, he anchors everything he's interested inside his mind. Yes he can easily memorize something once he put his mind into it, or when he's interested on it.

His look may be gentle, but he is also a strong man. He likes Chun Hae Joo since middle school and eventually fall in love with her when they grow up.

Source: iMBC

Watch it online with English, Chinese, and other translation at:

Click HERE