Saturday, December 14, 2013

[Video] Get It Beauty HOMME Ep.04

Get It Beauty HOME - Beauty Guide for Men
Special Edition hosted by Kim Jae Won

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[Video] Scandal "Drama English Show Point of Review

This video is from a show that translated some ideomatic expressions from character dialogues in the drama and explain the meaning into English. 
A part of Scandal Drama with Kim Jae Won had been featured and discuss. Please watch the video HERE .. ^o^

Photo credit: MBC Scandal "Kim Jae Won and Kim Gyuri

Latest News, Photos, Drama, Movies, everything about Kim Jae Won achievements..

Friday, December 13, 2013

[VOTE] MBC Drama Awards Voting Registration Guide

To be able to cast your VOTE , you need to register on iMBC website. 
Please follow the following instruction below.

1) Click=====> HERE to begin..
Choose => Domestic and Foreigner Living in Abroad

2) Click all the BOX with pointed mark as shown on the photo below..

3) You will be redirected to a new window 
=> first box : Write your email address click the blue button on the left then check your email box to get the authentication code
=> second box: Copy and paste the authentication code from your email then click the blue button to verify your code. 

the image was shown below..

4) A new window will open once your aunthentication code was verified.
Provide all the details required, fill in all the box..
a) Name
b) ID or username (must consist letters and number) pop notification will appear if your ID given was available to use ..
c) Password
d) Re-confirmed your password
e) Select a question
f) Answer of the question
g) Gender
h) Birthday (year/month/day)
i) Country
j) contact number
k) Address (not neccessary to be complete , City address will do)

Click the purple button to complete your registration 

Once your Registration was completed you will be redirected to iMBC Homepage
To LOG IN click ====> HERE

Provide your Username on the first box and passpord on the next then click the purple button or simply click ENTER..

iMBC Homepage will appear on a new window.. you can now start voting..

VOTE Kim Jae Won for Most Popular Artist click HERE.. just  click his photo , scroll down and click the RED button to finish your vote..

make sure that the pop up notification will appear like the image below..

Vote for Best Couple Award (Scandal Couple Kim Jae Won and Jo Yoon Hee) 
click=====> HERE

Registration and Voting Guide is also available in other languages:

======>Japanese -韓国mbc登録方法: 21013年12月現在 
======>Chinese -2013MBC大赏投票注册教程及相关
======>Vietnamese -Hướng dẫn vote cho KIM JAE WON trong MBC DRAMA AWARDS 2013

You can VOTE once a day per IP address. Feel free to ask for clarifications on registration and voting guide. Let's show our full support for Kim Jae Won oppa and Scandal Drama. Fighting... 

Monday, December 9, 2013

[Video] Christmas is on the air with Kim Jae Won


I think Jaewon oppa is going to freak out watching this fan made MV for Christmas. I was laughing so hard when i saw it. I never seen Kim Jaewon dance this way. He really rocks on this video. 

Credit to uploader... 

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

[Photo] Scandal Stills "Ha Eun Joong" Ep.36

I love Kim Jae Won character as Detective Ha Eun Joong , one of the best this year. Here are some of the photo stills release from MBC Official Website. 

Check out more photos ====> HERE

Latest News, Photos, Drama, Movies, everything about Kim Jae Won achievements..