Thursday, November 28, 2013

[Photos] Kim Jae Won Additional Images from MIDO Watch Exhibition

MIDO - Swatch Group Exhibition 
held in Seoul on November 26,2013

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[News] Kim Jae Won , Newly Appointed Ambassador for Anti-Money Laundering

Kim Jae Won - Anti-Money Laundering Ambassador 

On 28th of November, The Korea Financial Intelligence Unit (KoFIU) Anti-Money Laundering 7th anniversary, Kim Jae Won become the newly appointed ambassador. The ceremony was held in Seoul Press Center.  Receiving the honor, with him was the Financial Service Commission Chairman Shin Je-Yoon. 

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

[Video] Kim Jae Won 김재원 & Jo Yoon Hee HIGH CUT Vol.113 Photo Shoot

This is behind the scene video of HIGH CUT Vol.113 Magazine photo shoot. Latest edition that was released November 7,2013.

Kim Jae Won and Jo Yoon Hee looks pretty occupied and serious,  concentrating on the camera. No playing around or other stuff, just  plain work. The concept was sizzling hot. Getting too close to each other  baring some skin made me wonder if this two feel awkwardness inside. ^o^

I guess, Kim Jae Won does feel a bit shy. His smiles says it all.. ^o^

Check out the photos HERE ===> 1 , 2
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[Photo] Kim Jae Won at MIDO (SWATCH GROUP) Watch Exhibition

[Kim Jae Won attend Swatch Group Korea Watch Exhibition held in Seoul on Nov.26,2013]

Founded in Switzerland by Georges Schaeren in 1918, Mido is today based in the town of Le Locle, in the heart of the Swiss Jura mountains. The name Mido comes from the Spanish «Yo mido», meaning «I measure».
Mido’s ambition is to produce watches that possess characteristics typical of the quality and careful craftsmanship of a Swiss watch, namely timepieces endowed with mechanical movements that are wound either by hand or automatically.
Timelessness is the hallmark of its image, which aims to be clean-cut and refined. Mido’s philosophy is to combine timeless design with functionality rather than following fashion; to outlive all passing trends and to make Mido watches a product to be passed on to future generations. The objective is to create timepieces in high-quality materials, endowed with high-precision movements and offering exceptional water-resistance, in the spirit of sustainable development.
As a specialist in mechanical watches, Mido offers a variety of models with designs ranging from retro to contemporary, and from classic to innovative. They all meet the brand’s five strategic criteria: the Swiss-made label; a distinctive identity; a high-precision, high-quality mechanical movement; superior water-resistance, and excellent value for money.