Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[Video] Kim Jae Won 김재원 Hottest Issue in Showbiz Korea {English}

Kim Jae Won Wedding Announcement become one of the hottest issues on Korea Intertainment.

After Kim Jae Won announces his wedding plans on his Official Fans Cafe few days ago, it became the talk of the town and one of the hottest issue on the internet and all broadcasting and news networks in and out of Korea.
This is Arirang World hottest news edition .

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[Star Date Interview] Kim Jae-won Ideal Bride-To-Be Was Revealed

Almost 2 years ago during Kim Jae Won star date interview, he revealed that his ideal bride to be is someone he can treat as  best friend and partner for life. Recently , he surprises everyone with the announcment that he is getting married , and just like what he dream of, he is now marrying a childhood friend whom he had known since young and live on the same neighborhood on his hometown.

Fans was shocked with the sudden announcement but showered him with well-wishes, like "I wish you a blissful marriage", "I wish your baby get your Killer Smile and milky white skin", "I wish you are happy and i love you always" and So on..

Kim Jae Won  fiancee is now 3 months pregnant and  expecting their first baby at the end of this year. They set the wedding date on June 28. 

Mean while, Kim Jae Won upcoming MBC drama SCANDAL is set to premiere on June 29, taking over 100 Years of Legacy timeslot.

[Video] Kim Jae Won 김재원 金載沅 キム・ジェウォン MBC News Today

Latest News about Kim Jae Won new drama Scandal, broadcast early this morning June 11 at MBC Network, Korea.

Upcoming MBC TV weekend drama ‘Scandal’ have their script recital session

The production team for upcoming MBC TV weekend drama ‘Scandal’ has revealed a set of photos from their recent script recital session.
The script recital session which was held last month on May 16th, saw the attendance of director Kim Jin Man together with main cast members like Jo Jae Hyun, Park Sang Min, Kim Jae Won, Jo Yoon Hee, Kim Hye Ri and many others.
Director Kim expressed, “I really want to thank all the cast members for being here early in the morning to do this script recital session. I am directing once again after a 4 year hiatus, so I will going about doing it happily with a mind-set of a rookie.” This was then followed by self-introductions by the cast members before the session began.
‘Scandal’ is a story about a father who loses his son after their house collapses. The father then kidnaps the son of the person who caused the house collapse and brings him up as his own son instead. The son soon grows up and learn the truth, before embarking on his revenge plan while trying to mend his emotional scars at the same time.
The drama will succeed ‘Hundred Year Inheritance’ and begin airing from June 29th.
By: Noh Kyu Min

[Video] Scandal Teaser (Playlist) and Cast Script Reading

Upcoming MBC TV weekend drama ‘Scandal’ have their script recital session

Kim Jae-won was seen at the script reading of the new MBC drama "Scandal".
He seems to have gotten more handsome since his wedding announcement.
His face line and fair skin make his image shine.
Netizens say, "Was this taken for real?", "He has good skin", "His style's different", "He seems like he's lost weight", "Congratulations" and more.
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