Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[Star Date Interview] Kim Jae-won Ideal Bride-To-Be Was Revealed

Almost 2 years ago during Kim Jae Won star date interview, he revealed that his ideal bride to be is someone he can treat as  best friend and partner for life. Recently , he surprises everyone with the announcment that he is getting married , and just like what he dream of, he is now marrying a childhood friend whom he had known since young and live on the same neighborhood on his hometown.

Fans was shocked with the sudden announcement but showered him with well-wishes, like "I wish you a blissful marriage", "I wish your baby get your Killer Smile and milky white skin", "I wish you are happy and i love you always" and So on..

Kim Jae Won  fiancee is now 3 months pregnant and  expecting their first baby at the end of this year. They set the wedding date on June 28. 

Mean while, Kim Jae Won upcoming MBC drama SCANDAL is set to premiere on June 29, taking over 100 Years of Legacy timeslot.