Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Photo] Kim Jae Won May Queen Stills (08-22-2012)

"May Queen Photo Stills"

 'May Queen' is a story about a woman named Chun Hae Joo, played by actress Han Ji Hye, who overcomes hardship and unfortunate events and eventually realizes her dream.

Kim Jae Won will play the role as Kang San , the heir of a shipyard company. His parents tragically have passed away.

Once a carefree person, his personality changes after he found out the reason behind his parents' death.

Born genius, he anchors everything he's interested inside his mind. Yes he can easily memorize something once he put his mind into it, or when he's interested on it.

His look may be gentle, but he is also a strong man. He likes Chun Hae Joo since middle school and eventually fall in love with her when they grow up.

Source: iMBC

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