Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kim Jae Won signs on for ‘May Queen’

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It was revealed recently that actor Kim Jae Won will be making his comeback through MBC drama ‘May Queen’.
A representative from his agency, Dazzle Entertainment said on July 2nd, “Kim Jae Won will be making his comeback after a year of absence through MBC weekend drama, ‘May Queen’. As the first 8 episodes will filmed with child actors, he has not yet begun filming his parts yet. He will begin filming in August with the adult cast.”
Kim Jae Won has been on hiatus since ending filming for MBC’s ‘Can You Hear My Heart’ last year. He was supposed to star in MBC’s ‘I’m A Flower Too’ towards the end of 2011 but had to pull out after sustaining a serious shoulder injury during filming.
‘May Queen’ is about a woman played by Han Ji Hye who experienced severe hardships in a difficult environment before becoming an oceanographer.
Kim Jae Won plays the role of Kang San who is the eldest son of a ship construction business and will be involved in a romance with Han Ji Hye’s character.
The drama will take over ‘Dr. Jin’ in August.
Source: Yahoo Philippines

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News have just turned a green light for MBC Saturday-Sunday drama ‘May Queen’ as Kim Jae Won (Can You Hear My Heart) has confirmed to be casting in the upcoming drama. He will be playing the role of Kang San, a character he grew up in the ruins (damaged town), and has a personality of not caring and trusting other people, naughty, and only cares about his own self…. he will have a love line with Han Ji Hye.