Thursday, June 14, 2012

DCinside Kim Jae Won Gallery First Foundation Anniversary Tribute


Kim Jae Won sign as a symbol of recognition , dated 2012/6/3.

He was showing an empty wallet... :) just for fun ... i guess.
He is so cute in this photo... will, showing empty wallet doesn't mean he have no money, :) maybe it's too much and won't fit in a small wallet. :)..

The wallet was a gift from fans, members of DC Inside Kim Jae Won Gallery. It was a custom in Korea to put money in the wallet if you are giving it as a present, unfortunately, they became so excited and forget about the customary procedure.

 Will, Kim Jae Won doesn't really mind it,  he appreciates every single effort they made for him. He knows very well that they loves him and always support him for everything he does.

In the next photo,
 Kim Jae Won holding a gift box from fans... :)

Look like the "PRINCE" of Kim Jae Won Fans Club was caught taking a nap... hmmmm... should i sing for you oppa? :)
Opppssss... sorry, Kim Jae Won is not taking a nap. He was actually thinking. As a part of DC Inside Kim Jae Won Gallery Foundation Anniversary, he was given an exam about all the activities he did for the whole year.  I guess it wasn't so easy, just the way how he look in the photo, :) he was is deep thoughts. I hope he made a perfect score. 

He wrote on the photo, "This reminds me of my school days".