Friday, June 29, 2012

Kim Jae Won to Hold Japan Fanmeeting with Healed Shoulder

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Kim Jae Won will be holding a fanmeeting in Japan in July.

An agency representative recently told enews, “Kim Jae Won is currently practicing his vocals to sing for the Japan fanmeeting to be held on July 14. His injured shoulder is much better. He’s trying out different transformations so that he can return with a better image.”

In March, Kim Jae Won suffered from pains in his shoulder while practicing some dance choreography for the fanmeeting to be held in Korea and Japan. 

He first injured his shoulder during a shoot for the MBC drama Me Too, Flower! last year, when his motorcycle suddenly accelerated. 

He had to push back his fanmeeting schedule and even drop out of the piece to concentrate on recovery.

The rep added, “He’s received an unexpected break, but he’s gotten much better thanks to rehab. He’ll be able to come back all better soon in places other than his Japan fanmeeting.”

Kim Jae Won is currently considering taking up a role on MBC’s upcoming drama May Queen, which will start airing in August.

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  1. I wish I can be there...I wish I can hear oppa singing in personal...I know Oppa has a great voice....good luck for tomorrow on Korean Fans meeting and also on Japan Fans meeting in July...
    Oppa, FIGHTING!! ^^.