Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kim Jae Won will Conduct Lectures at Juvenile Detention Center

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Hallyu star Kim Jae Won, reformatory school powers as a teacher one day!

In addition, boys II Director (gobongyong) "Today, celebrities influence on young people's free speech because of 
the large top star Kim Jae Won in the lives of our students will serve as a turning point," said the future of the community by maintaining a close relationship with various said it would offer a special lecture. while arranging this lecture chunghuhoe (Chairman yanggilmo), Daejeon, Chungnam area around the various sponsoring businesses and civic groups to conduct inspection activities as a juvenile detention center and alliance chaegyeolhan War 10 years later at least once every quarter in addition to sponsoring the lecture material donations such as the talent community through the successful settlement of juvenile delinquents are supported. (end) Source: Department of Justice Press Release 

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