Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"May Queen"New Posters and 2nd Teaser Revealed

After having confirmed the three lead actors Kim Jaewon, Han Jihye, and Jae Hee earlier this summer, upcoming MBC drama “May Queen” has revealed a flurry of posters for viewers to enjoy and  the second teaser was revealed..

the upcoming drama has revealed its second video trailer. Focused on the child actors, these clips show many of the hardships that the characters endure. Not only do they experience physical challenges such as having to act as stowaways in the back of a truck, but they also face many more emotional difficulties as they encounter enemies on their journeys.

The posters allude to the central themes of the drama. Firstly, the backgrounds feature shipyards and harbors, showing that “May Queen” will be centered around the shipbuilding industry. With a heavy use of child actors (Park Guntae, Kim Yoojung, and Park Jibin), the drama doesn’t forget to release a poster of the children standing next to their adult counterparts. Furthermore, the dark colors, heavy use of shadows, and somber faces of many of the adult characters shows that despite the love triangle that is bound to occur, the drama will be filled with serious themes of ambition, love, betrayal and revenge, decline, and success.

Be sure to catch “May Queen” on August 18th!