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Kim Jae Won Expresses No Desire to Appear on Variety Shows

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Kim Jae Won Expresses No Desire to Appear on Variety Shows

At a press conference held at a coffee shop in Seoul, actor Kim Jae Won showed no interest in appearing as a guest star on variety shows on TV on February 14.

Previously, on December 30, 2012, Kim Jae Won received favorable reviews for smoothly MCing the MBC Drama Awards, which led to fans voicing their desire to see Kim Jae Won on variety shows.

Kim Jae Won explained, “A celebrity is a public figure but if you were to categorize the job, it would fall under service. Just like the employees at this coffee shop.”

He continued, “I’ve come upon the audience as an actor, acting for the past 13~14 years. I have never considered being an entertainer. Because I don’t have a standard to follow as an entertainer, to present myself in variety shows would be providing bad service. I wish to provide the best service with quality and established values.” 

He later added, “I prefer to keep my personal life personal. I am an actor and I ‘d like to have my acting career separate from my private life.” 

Kim Jae Won modestly said of his successful MC experience in last December, that it was the result of hosting 40 to 50 events during his mandatory service time, as well as being in front of familiar celebrities.
Photo Credit: STYLE Chosun

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