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[News] Actor Kim Jae Won to Host Current Affairs Program “Real Story Eye”

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Actor Kim Jae Won will be switching it up, and taking on a hosting role in the follow-up program to MBC’s “Cultwo’s Veranda Show,” which will be going off air.

On February 26, MBC revealed that it would be “broadcasting a new current affairs program ‘Real Story Eye’ from March 3 every Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM.”

‘Real Story Eye’ will be a current affairs program that will penetrate the rumors and speculation surrounding various incidents, and will track down the facts through an in-depth look at the matter from various angles and careful reconstruction of the case.

Lee Hyun Sook, the director of Production and Planning, explained the intention behind the project, “This is a program that will look at incidents occurring around us or live on in our minds from multiple perspectives. The program will provide an opportunity to reflect on the significance of these stories which seemingly have nothing to do with us.”

“Real Story Eye” will be hosted by Kim Jae Won and MBC announcer Park Yeon Kyung. Kim Jae Won hinted, “I want to host a program which will show an appreciation for diverse viewpoints, taking a look at different matters through the viewers’ eyes, an actor’s eyes and sometimes the eyes of those involved in the cases.”

The first topic will be on veteran actress Hwang Jung Soon’s death and the ensuing inheritance battle. The actress passed away recently due to complications of chronic pneumonia. “Real Story Eye” will air its first episode on March 3 at 9:30 PM KST on MBC.

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Episode 1 Preview

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