Wednesday, May 28, 2014

[Drama/Video] May Queen "Kim Jae Won Cut" Episode 9

Kim Jae Won as Kang San / Ryan Kang

Kang San came back 15 years later as Ryan Kang after studying abroad finishing 3 doctorate degree on MIT. He was determined to take back the company that was taken from his grandfather by Jang Do Hyeon and hoping to see his childhood friend and first love Hae Joo. 

Kang San is a man with bright personality . He face and overcome challenges with positive outlook . He is mischievous but kind at heart. 

May Queen "Kim Jae Won Cut 1" 发布人 kimjaewon0218

I personally love Kim Jae Won character as Kang San . Every time he was on screen his sunny personality gives a refreshing atmosphere. He is funny and cute. I also like his fashion style , he represents elegance with simplicity. 

what do you think about Kang San on May Queen? Feel free to share your views on the comment below.

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