Friday, June 20, 2014

[Photo] Kim Jae Won Exclusive Photos

 Kim Jae Won  Exclusive Photos from Japan Official Fans Club

On this photos , Kim Jae Won look awesome. He is manly and sexy. He has this alluring charm that makes your heart skips a beat. 

credit as labeled....

This photos are released on Kim Jae Won Japan Official Fans Club last year. Due to the copyright restriction, the club members are unable to share it publicly. Fortunately, the club management was change recently under different company and the contract from the previous management is over. 

This photos are shared to me by one of my Japanese friend who also have another friend which is a member of the fan club. Unlike facebook and other social site , Japan fan club are run by a company and fans pay membership fees to join that's why copyright restriction is strictly applied.

You can also check out Kim Jae Won Fans Club Mobile Site.

If you plan to share this photos on different sites , please credit it as labeled. 
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