Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Scandal" Kim Jae Won Father "Jo Hae-Hyeon" is a Kidnapper

Jo Jae-hyeon, in "Scandal" as Kim Jae-won's father

This time it's a kidnapper!
Actor Jo Jae-hyeon has been cast for the upcoming MBC weekend drama "Scandal".
"Scandal" is about a father who loses his son to a building crash and kidnaps the son of the man who caused it. The son then grows up to find out that his father is not only not his father but also a kidnapper.
Kim Jae-won takes on the role of Ha Eun-joong, a rough but warm character and Jo Yoon-hee takes on the role of a young mother named Woo Ah-mi. Jo Jae-hyeon is the father of Ha Eun-joong whom he kidnapped and raised.
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Credit: Hancinema

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