Sunday, July 20, 2014

[Photo] Kim Jae Won Visited A Skin Care Clinic To Maintain his Flawless Skin

Kim Jae Won at UCC 

Hello everyone... ^_^ How's your weekend? Just want to share this photo of our  Jae Won oppa few weeks ago. He visited a skin care clinic. He is best known to have a flawless skin and fair complexion but of course aside from being born with good genes he also need to take care of it. ^_^

photo credit : UCC Clinic

 UCC is under WONJIN Medical Group, stands for Utmost Clear Clinic , it provides a variety of treatments to keep customers skin look young and healthy. ^_^

photo credit : WONJIN 

Aside from Jaewon oppa WONJIN had a lot of popular celebrity customers including Kim Woobin , Jang Hyuk, Kang Jiwan, Yoo Seung Ho and many others..

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