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[Video] "AGENT J" featuring Kim Jae Won and Jolin Tsai

AGENT J - Fate of Special Agent

‘Agent J’ Music Video

Jolin Tsai plays a female spy who suffers from amnesia (think Bourne Identity, female version). Kim Jae Won is a cop who is assigned to track her down. At the end of the video, Tsai shoots Kim and he dies, giving her one final killer-smile. With that, Tsai regains her memory to remember that they were lovers before. 

Jolin Tsai & Kim Jae Won in Tsai’s new MV ‘Agent J’

Agent J featuring Kim Jae Won and Jolin Tsai 发布人 kimjaewon0218

According to reports, female actors who have worked with  Kim Jae-won all say he is a good kisser (direct Korean translation : Best kissing skill man). We don’t blame Tsai for picking him to star in her music video.

Thus, one fine day while filming the music video, Tsai was anxiously waiting for the arrangements for the sunset kissing scene in Paris. But alas, Jaewon oppa was down with a cold, and the kissing scene had to be cancelled that day.

In another news article . Jolin wants her first screen kiss with  Kim Jae Won.

Never thought once Kim Jae-won arrived in Paris he caught the cold coughing constantly and was worried its contagious, so this kissing seen was cancelled. Humorous Kim Jae-won immediately put on a disappointed face, Jolin too deeply regretful. 

As for on screen they're chatting and laughing, in fact they were speaking like ducks and chickens, because of the two language barrier, they can only use body movements to express. Jolin said the first time he saw Kim Jae-won in person. she thought: "Really looks like Nicholas Teo!"

Outside of South Korea most think Korean men are big men, Kim Jae-won was actually really thoughtful and considerate asking Jolin if she wanted to eat apples, at the scene showed off a small trick splitting the apple in half, causing Jolin to greatly admire his "finger skill 指功" .

FULL Music Video
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