Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[Photo] Kim Jae Won random pictures shared on Instagram

photo credit: margaret1031

Kim Jae Won fractured his nose during his fan meeting rehearsal in Japan
last  March 23 in Theatre Brava in Osaka. Despite the injury, he carried out the fan meeting and rushed to the hospital once the schedule was over. He was diagnosed with microfracture of the nose. 
The video below was shared by a Japanese fan on her instagram , the image was not clear because it was against the light and stolen but we can clearly hear Jaewon oppa voice thanking his fans for their support. 
I feel so sorry for him , he was in pain when he bow his head , fans seems all worried too. 
Thankfully he is fully recovered now  and going to have another fans meeting in Tokyo this coming June 28. 
I hope everything goes well and wish him luck.  

video credit : hiderin42 / instagram

Here is another photo shared on instagram 4 months ago. I don't know exactly where it was taken but you can check out the original source HERE.

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