Thursday, June 26, 2014

[Review] Things I Love About Kim Jae Won Part 2

Things that I LIKE about Kim Jae Won

Category 2 : PERSONALITY

6.) I love him being secretive and mysterious. We all know celebrities often keep their private life from public but mostly they will open up a bit specially about their lovelife, but KJW oppa is an exception. All the while we have no idea who he likes or if he ever date someone until one day everyone was shock he announce he is getting married. He manage to separate the issue of his private life and get the respect of people around him.

7.) I like his Cheerful personality. Everytime i see him laughing and smiling nonstop, joke around without hesitation, and very comfortable with his co-stars, i find him very likable and made me happy too.

8.) I like him for being Shy. I notice that eventhough he is very easy-going and approachable, he is actually a shy type of person. 

9.) I love the fact that he is Kind. He always think of others everytime he do things. He love to do charities specially for youngters. 

10.) I love his down-to-earth personality. He is very humble towards his fans and very friendly. Regardless who you are, he always have that sweet smile for everyone. 

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