Thursday, June 26, 2014

[Review] Things that I Love About Kim Jae Won Part 1

Things I LIKE about Kim Jae Won

I need to put my list in category to make it more specific and to make sure nothing is being repeated.

Category #1 : Appearance 

1.) I love his beautiful eyes, it's amazing how he can convey his feelings through it. When he is happy, sad, angry, annoyed, tired, or surprise, no matter what mood he was in, you can see it through his eyes. I love the way it shines everytime he is happy.

2.) I love his kissable lips. Please don't get me wrong but i honestly wish and  wanted  to kiss him. How i wish i could have that chance even in my dream, i don't mind at all. :))

3.) I love his flawless and fair skin . I really envy him for having such a wonderful genes. ;)) I'm not saying i hate having  a tan complexion, i just think i would be more suitable for him if  i also have the white skin like him. :))

4.) I love his height. I always wish to have a tall boyfriend because im too short. :)). I feel like a dwarf. If i marry a tall guy like oppa, i have a chance  of having a tall kids too. :)) Now, im dreaming..

5.) I like his brood shoulder. It's wide and strong. I feel safe and secure for having a man like him. I wish oppa could hug me. Just ONCE is enough. But if he could give me more would be much better. 8->

=======>to be continue<========
Look forward for the next category====>PERSONALITY