Tuesday, June 10, 2014

[Video/Drama] Can You Hear My Heart Favorite Scenes

Can You Hear My Heart?

Cha Dong Joo and Bong Woori is my all time favorite drama couple. They are so adorable and sweet. There love for each other is so innocent and pure.

First scene i really love. I keep giggling watching this part. It was hilarious how Dong Joo made fun of Woori because he knew she was lying but at the same time , he remember there childhood memories that he treasure so much in his heart.

2nd Scene was very sweet and touching. Dong Joo is not that type who has inferior personality despite his disability to hear but he was worried that she will have a hard time being with him. Thankfully , Woori knows how to make him feel better and assured. She loves him as much as he do if not more.

This scene is cute, a bit painful yet heart warming. Dong Joo ask Woori how does his voice sound and she told him was warm like his heart. 

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