Monday, May 7, 2012


I've seen a lot of Korean artist who use to wear eye glasses, but i've never seen anyone who looks good every style like the Kim Jae Won did..

This is the most recent photo of Kim Jae Won wearing glasses. It was taken 3 days ago May 4,2012, during his narration on one of SBS TV Program for Childrens Day. The program aims to raise awareness about the harsh condition of children in Africa and aims to share and raise fund to help them. 

One thing that i admire most about him is his compassion to help other people, i've read a lot about his charity works in the past. He is indeed a beautiful person inside and out. A good-looking young man with such a beautiful heart is  very rare specially among famous people like him.

Another cute photo of him wearing glasses while shopping taken about 3 weeks ago. I'm glad to see him doing fine despite the fact that he's not fully recovered yet from shoulder injury cause by an accident while filming last year.

 Kim Jae Won trip in Japan last year August 26, 2011. He look great in that dark sun glasses. :) It suits him well because of his fair skin.

 The rest of the photos are taken few years back.