Monday, May 7, 2012

[Drama] Land of Wine with Kim Jae Won


Land of Wine (Hangul: 술의 나라; Sool-eh nara) is a 16-episode South Korean television drama broadcast by SBS in 2003.

In a place far from the town lived a boy and a girl. The girl's name was li shan xi. Her grandfather and father were selling traditional wine to earn money. They produce their own wine in a small shop. The boy's name was Xu jun (Kim Jae Won). His parents, and shan xi father and grandfather lived together.

From small shan xi and xu jun were friends. After a few years, as they grew up, xu jun became a naughty boy. He always complained that he had no money to buy the things he wanted. He ran away from home to the town to find work. He promised shan xi that after he earned lots of money he wanted to live happily with shan xi. When he reached the town he worked as a waiter in a bar which belonged to the company of shi wang. The son of the owner was dao yi and his younger sister ai ling.

Kim Jae Won as Xu Jun